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Concept It Solutions

What make us an web designing company?

It’s quite simple, focusing on long-term relationships and delivering results-oriented service.

Concept IT Solutions a web design and development business located in India is committed to delivering an outstanding mobile-responsive website. Built to meet your goals and to expand with your business, so we put all our effort into every project. We work on it with the intention like we are working on our website. This is what Concept IT solutions love to do.

The company was founded to assist small companies and start-ups who are fed up with expensive services that are of poor quality, which create websites that are over budget, non-user-friendly and exceed time deadlines.

Our mission is simple:

Developing high-end and innovative websites for our clients which produce a satisfying result. The principal responsibilities of Concept IT Solutions is to come up with ideas, design and manage websites and other applications also.

Concept IT Solutions services:

Based on the millions of business websites online websites come in a myriad of designs and sizes. We can also customize the website to fit the particular requirements and preferences of the business. In contrast to the websites that were developed in the past decade, websites today are developed using an approach that is mobile-first. 

This means that we develop your site specifically for small (handheld) devices, and later make it accessible via a PC or laptop. The process that a web development firm uses to develop your company’s website is based on a number of variables, which include the following:

  • The kind of business (B2C or B2B)
  • The field or industry you work in
  • The demographics of your audience and the geography that you are catering to
  • Your budget will be used to create and maintenance of the site
  • Your goals and objectives (both short as well as long-term)

Concep IT Solutions mobile application development services:

The business owners have realized that they must adopt a mobile-first strategy. Recent trends and research point to the fact that users spend most of their time on smartphones. Like websites, apps are also developed primarily for use on mobile devices. 

There are several aspects that will determine how the development process will be carried out:

  • Platforms on which you want to make your application available (iOS, Android, etc.)
  • Type of business and industry you work in
  • Target group demographics
  • Application’s purpose
  • The budget you have set for developing and maintaining the application

Concept IT Solutions can help to create an app or web site by performing the following tasks:

  • Conceptualizing and freezing the framework Architecture, navigation, and ideating
  • Selecting a language for coding for your website or application (HTML, PHP, JavaScript, ASP, etc.)
  • Programming the code and programming backend
  • Incorporating media elements such as video images, audio, and videos
  • Making content available and optimizing it in accordance with best practices
  • Designing an User Interface as well as the User Experience in the front-end
  • Test the website and application prior to its launch (beta testing)
  • Fixing bugs and identifying problems
  • Testing speed, performance and other tests
  • The implementation of codes is underway and is now live
  • Update and maintain this website real estate regularly

The process of creating a website requires various other steps, many of which are handled through our team. Concept IT Solutions will also help you create and design a website or application using an internet-based Content Management System (CMS) such as Joomla, WordPress, Magento or any other one from the many platforms available.

In the main Concept IT Solutions collaborates with its client and design team to provide complete website development and application development services.

After we have developed websites, we provide Digital Marketing services for the customers.

  • On page SEO ( Search engine optimization )
  • Off page SEO(Search engines optimization )
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google ADS ( All types of ads)
  • Facebook ADS
  • Linkedin ADS
  • Instagram ADS
  • Social Media Handling and Creating.
  • Brand Awareness
  • The list goes on ….

Concept IT Solution is always created for the customer and is run by the customer. One place to think, to build and achieve.

Our Service is Our Salesmanship.

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Concept IT Solutions is best IT company b’cause all fullfill my requirnment for web development.

Mr.ellay - Garmany

Concept IT Solutions do great work…

Mr. Michael - New Delhi

Excellent services and good work.

Hitman - New Delhi

Concept IT Solutions great service provider any time.

Jootewala - New Delhi

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