Codeigniter. This is why we chose this

Codeigniter is a Hypertext Preprocessor framework that is widely used to create fully-featured web applications. It is a utility development framework that was specifically designed for web developers who use PHP to expand websites. It allows programmers to create code faster and more efficiently by providing a rich set of libraries. This has the advantage of reducing the time it takes to complete the challenge.

Codeigniter Concept It Solutions
Codeigniter Concept It Solutions

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Codeigniter makes it so easy to work

CodeIgniter’s core system is very lightweight. This is in contrast to other web frameworks that require significantly more libraries. Another set of libraries can also be loaded dynamically at run time when a request is made. This makes the base system extremely fast and efficient.

What can you do with CodeIgniter?

It is easily seen in many places. One example of this feature is the use of MVC which allows code to be kept separate and cleaner. It is compatible with all PHP 4 and PHP 5 apps, as it requires very little or no server requirements. It is easy to use, extend, and understand all of the tools in one package. This makes it ideal for creating emails, calendars. Uploading, unit testing, validation, session creation, and more. You can also find many other formats and features, such as forms, arrays file handling cookies, strings, directories, and more. CodeIgniter could also create its own libraries or helper libraries. It includes security tools, as well as other features like unsetting all global variables regardless of PHP directives. It can also be used to abstract databases and many other uses.

CodeIgniter – Working

It allows you to focus creatively on your project by reducing the amount of code required to accomplish a task. It’s free and you don’t need to worry about it being an MIT licensed product. You can use it in any way you like. It’s fast and generates a lot more output. Making use of MVC architecture which makes use of both the Model and View in conjunction with the controller has made life easier and more interesting. While the controller is the core component of the framework’s computing unit (the computing unit), the model and view parts are the optional components. CodeIgniter’s fun feature is its ability to generate cleaner URLs. This is one of the most important and essential factors. These URLs are user-friendly as well as search engine friendly. This URL does not use the standard query string parameters approach but instead uses a synonym approach that is more efficient for browsers.

CodeIgniter Features

Its basic characteristics include speed, lightweight, cost-effectiveness and use of MVC architecture.

The Advantages of CodeIgniter

1. Easy and hassle-free migration from the server hosting to dedicated hosting

2. It is easy to learn, adapt and use.

3. Simple customization and handling

4. All customizations have been taken care of and new functionality has been implemented.

5. Easy management and flexibility through an MVC-based framework.

Why do we use CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter has a rich array of features that we should take advantage of. Active implementation of records is an excellent technique that is easy to remember. It also allows for customizations and configurations. The possessed libraries can be huge and are open to huge amounts of development. There is also community support.


Codeigniter’s scope is too large if you use PHP language for website development.


This is possible because of the amazing documentation in the user guide and manual. It makes it simple for anyone to learn, allows to integrate of existing scripts, develop core libraries, and provides a large user base.

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